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Liberty Group ConstructionOct 1, 2019 4:16:46 PM1 min read

Your new practice – The Feng Shui way!

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung schway”) is an ancient Chinese art and philosophy of harmonizing a person’s energy with the space around them. Often times that space is the person’s home. The words Feng Shui translate to “wind-water”. Keeping that in mind, Feng Shui, just as wind-water, helps to guide the energy through one’s home.

But, energy flow is not only important in someone’s home, it can also greatly improve medical spaces.


Green – The color green of the most popular colors used in Feng Shui and medical spaces, as it display healing, regeneration, renewal, and energy. Think of adding plants to your practice, or use green as an accent color throughout your practice.

Pink – Muted versions of pink can have soothing qualities for patients. We recommend to use it sparingly, and avoid bolder pinks.

Purple – Use purple in moderation for medical spaces because of its bold nature. It provides a great accent color for many offices as it projects a calming nature for many.

Yellow – A color often associated with nature, earth, and grounding. Because of its bright and friendly nature, it is often used to brighten up spaces.

White – White is the main color for most clinics and other medical spaces. White portrays purity, innocence, cleanliness, which many associate with professional medical spaces.

Blue – Another popular color option for medical spaces is blue. The color signifies knowledge and hope, but qualities that are crucial for the medical profession.

Seating and Flow

Instead of the usual waiting room seating chart, with molded seating aligned along the wall, try the Feng Shui approach when remodeling your practice. Arrange your seating in groupings and pods around the waiting room to create a familiar feel for patients. Creating intimate seating arrangements creates an inviting feel for patients and helps them make the most of their waiting time. When doing this, keep in mind to group seatings with enough space to allow for personal space, and foot traffic flow.