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Liberty Group ConstructionJul 1, 2020 5:03:03 PM1 min read

How to select seating for your new practice

The seating area in the waiting room is where your patients will often spend the most time when visiting your practice. Making the waiting time as comfortable as possible is a great way to make your patients visit as pleasant as possible. When considering seating, there are many questions to answer and circumstances to consider.

When picking out seating for your waiting room ask yourself:

What is my budget, and how many chairs will I need?

Chairs often vary hugely in pricing, starting with lower cost modular seating and ranging to pricey designer armchairs. When thinking about your budget, break it down into how much your practice can spend per seat. Stretching your budget when it comes to seating is often worth it, as patients often directly associate this with how comfortable they felt during the office visit.

How long do I expect the seating to hold up?

Waiting room furniture is often heavily used, even more so than furniture at home or other offices. When deciding on seating for your waiting room, consider picking highly durable material. The back and forth motion when sitting, known as double-rub, is often used when describing seating furniture. Normal offices grade furniture withstands a minimum of 15,000 so-called double rubs. As your furniture will be more heavily used, consider seating with a minimum of 30,000, to ensure it will withstand wear and tear.

Is my seating appropriate for disabled or obese patients?

Modern furniture is often lower than regular seating, which can represent a challenge for older and obese people trying to stand up. Choose furniture that is higher and wider than you would normally pick, to ensure everyone is comfortable in the waiting room.

Also, ask yourself how important aesthetic and functionality are, and how your seating will be used in terms of how much space your waiting room contains. Interior designers are often a great resource when looking for new seating, as they have the experience and know-how when it comes to selecting the perfect seating that will last for years to come.